Welding Titanium

Welding Titanium

Techniques for successful welding of titanium.

Weld Purging of titanium joints. As titanium is a reactive metal, correct weld purging is possibly more critical than with most other metals.

There are some major elements whilst welding titanium, to ensure successful welds are achieved. 

  • A good source of weld purge gas.

Welding gas suppliers all have special high quality grades of argon, which is the most widely recommended gas for back purging titanium. Typical grades are 99.9995% which is 5 parts per million of impurities.

  • A Weld Purge Monitor® to measure the oxygen level in the weld purge gas as it exits the purged volume.
welding titanium

Part of the correct weld purging procedure is to ensure that the oxygen level in the exiting weld purge gas is held at 40 parts per million or lower and maintained throughout the weld. This is best achieved by using a Weld Purge Monitor® that can measure down to 10 parts per million and one that preferably can switch the weld set off or send out a warning signal in the event of oxygen levels rising too high.

  • For titanium tube and pipes, an Inflatable Tube and Pipe Purging System.
welding titanium

Restricting the volume required for purging with an Inflatable Tube and Pipe Purging System will help dramatically reduce costs. PurgElite® and QuickPurge® will help achieve zero colour welds with no loss of corrosion resistance properties.

  • For titanium parts, a Flexible Welding Enclosure.
welding titanium

Reliable exclusion of reactive gases in the welding environment is guaranteed when using a low cost Flexible Welding Enclosure®. Special Flexible Welding Enclosures® can be designed and manufactured to suit any purpose. The Welding Enclosures are ideal for small production quantities of items that need total gas coverage as well as single large items with critical joints.

For further information, see our White Paper, Help with Titanium Welding.

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