HFT®’s First Class Weld Purging Technical Support

Weld Purging Experts Huntingdon Fusion Techniques HFT® is built on a solid foundation of innovative engineering, scientific background and design skills.

There is a technical support area on our website to specifically help our users by providing technical data about weld purging, our products and best use practices for all applications.

The company approaches the development of products from customer feedback, scientific, engineering and marketing evaluations and our materials are chosen for their low vapour pressure characteristics and great suitability for weld purging.

Please use the technical support area of our website to gain tips about the technical explanations about weld purging, cost savings, valuable time savings and best welding practices to achieve clean, oxide free, zero colour welds in the shortest possible time.

Within the technical support area, you will find articles and papers, most of which have been acknowledged and published in top magazines, providing you with qualified technical reading material and the latest innovative techniques.

weld purging

In addition to this material, there is a chart on our website to help explain the relationship between parts per million (ppm) and percentage of oxygen, available here.

As an extension to our technical support, we offer Weld Purging Training Courses on your site or at our UK HQ.

Until now, weld purging has often been left to the last minute as a procedure that the operators deal with at the time. This can lead to the use hastily home made devices that will bring contamination into the welding environment and difficulties in obtaining zero colour welds, which in turn cause the need for extra time and money spent on grinding and re-welding costs.

Huntingdon Fusion Techniques HFT® are running these Weld Purging Training Courses to introduce operators to the latest technology and teach them how to conduct their weld purging activities at all levels.

Training Courses take one day and they can be held in the HFT® training facilities around the world or at the operators’ plants.

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