Weld Purging and Insert Rings

Very Best Way To Make A Weld Joint Between Two Tubes or Pipes

In certain industries, it is still believed that the use of insert rings is perhaps the very best way to make a weld joint between two tubes or pipes.

Welding procedures to make critical tube and pipe joints, were developed in the 1950’s before there were quality, stable TIG welding machines available and before welders were sufficiently well trained to use the TIG/GTAW process.

 So insert rings were used to overcome the deficiencies in material consistency, welder competence and metallurgical requirements for critical joints.

PurgEye API100 PHO-0#46B4BBIt has been quoted that the use of insert rings does not require weld purging, however, because the insert ring is made molten and is consumed by the weld joint, it is critical that joints made with insert rings do have the very best weld purging techniques possible.

Even today, insert rings are used in large numbers in nuclear application for critical joints and these must definitely be purged down to a level of 50 parts per million of oxygen or better.

Guide to Weld Purging and Weld Purging Best Practices


For those readers who might be interested in the background and description of the consumable insert ring, the details can be found in “A Guide to Weld Purging and Weld Purging Best Practices” which can be obtained by writing to rasewell@huntingdonfusion.com






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