Weld Backing Tape

Weld Backing Tape is a low cost way of supporting the backside of weld joints, helping to achieve oxide free welds and reducing re-welding post-weld cleaning.

Weld Backing Tape

What is Weld Backing Tape manufactured from?

Comprising of a 3″ (75mm) wide aluminium adhesive tape backing strip, Weld Backing Tape has a 1″ (25mm) wide band of woven glass fibre matting running down the centre.

Unlike ceramic fibre, Weld Backing Tape® has no true melting point so it works satisfactorily with TIG or MIG welding (GTAW or GMAW) where temperatures can reach up to 6,000ºC. This overcomes the concerns associated with ceramic fibre versions that have a melting point of 1,800ºC.

How does Weld Backing Tape work?

Weld Backing Tape® is a glass fibre weld backing system that supports and protects the weld root from oxidation. It will trap the inert gas from the weld torch to hold the gas surrounding the weld pool, effectively providing a back purge facility.

What grades are available?

Weld Backing Tape® is available in four grades and all consist of a high temperature resistant aluminium backing foil with a heat resistant band of woven glass fibre cloth. With the thickest cloth Backing Tape® will support single pass welding at weld currents up to 600 amps, without change to the chemistry or metallurgy of the weld.

Weld Backing Tape

Why use Weld Backing Tape?

Where manual welding cannot control the weld root profile sufficiently, or when an automatic weld process is unable to reach satisfactory speeds while still obtaining satisfactory underbeads, it is common to use a method of backing below the weld. A cost-effective way to provide support for molten metal below a weld joint is to use Weld Backing Tape®.

Typical applications:

Weld Backing Tape® can be used for welding sheet, plate, pipes, vessels, tanks, silos, heat exchangers, cryogenic, pressure and vacuum vessels and hundreds of other applications made from metals such as:

  • Carbon steels
  • Stainless steels
  • Duplex steels
  • Chrome steels
  • Copper nickel
  • Cast iron
  • Nickel and cobalt alloys

Industries include large pipework, sheet and plate fabricators as well as shipbuilding, ship repair, heating, cooling, HVAC, agricultural machinery, food, dairy, breweries pharmaceutical, petrochemical, and many others.

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