Visit to World Duplex Seminar

At the end of September, our CEO, Georgia Gascoyne visited the World Duplex Seminar in Stresa Italy.

The main purpose was to present a Technical Paper on behalf of the HFT®, on the subject of Weld Purging of Duplex Steels.

The reading was accompanied by a Power Point Presentation in the form of a slide show, highlighting the main points of the Paper as she read.

The paper was well received and the final question about purge gas mixtures for Duplex Welding created a lively discussion at the end.

Well done to Georgia for undertaking and completing this task with great success.

Stresa Conference   Welding Workshop 2  Welding Workshop  Welding Workshop 3

Would you like to read more Technical Papers on our website, click Huntingdon Fusion Techniques – Technical Papers

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