Visit of our Norwegian Distributor

Finn with APSQ MK IIOn a recent visit to HQ, our Exclusive Stocking Norwegian Distributor was shown all of the updates to the HFT® Product Range over the last year or so.

He was particularly impressed with the QuickPurge® II systems fitted with PurgeGate™ and he remarked, “This is just what my customers have been looking for”.

Once the excitement of the PurgeGate™ news had worn off, he was then shown the new IntaCal® system that eliminates the old troublesome valves that have been so unreliable in the past.

Now there is no need to set any valves or to control any flow or pressure, as Argweld® Tube and Pipe Purging Systems can just be connected to any inert gas hose and with IntaCal® and PurgeGate™ in place, the gas can just be turned on and up to any pressure or flow and the devices will purge automatically.

HotPurg™ PHO 02B Weld TorchOther new products and innovations include the luminescent strip that is now fitted all around the QuickPurge® II, PurgElite® and Hotpurge™ systems, the Torpedo unit for the PurgEye® 300, 500 and 600.
The torpedo unit allows Purge exhaust gas quality to be read immediately at the exit point, which might be several feet, to several tens or several hundreds of feet down the pipeline.

As always, a very successful visit and we are looking forward to our Distributor Training Course in a few days, which is going to be the largest one that we have held for some years, with delegates from all over the world.


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