VE Day Celebrations

For the recent VE Day celebrations, Burry Port Rugby Club, for whom HFT® are the main sponsors, had a fantastic day in the Memorial hall ending in the lighting of the beacon to recreate the time when every coastal community around Britain, as well as many others across the country, lit bonfires to signify the end of the World War II in Europe.

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During the day, a number of wartime artefacts were on display including such things as ration books, a car, cameras, photographs, medals and so on.

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Remarkably, three members of the Burry Port community, who participated in the war, were in attendance, talking to the children from the schools
and dancing at the end with the Club wives.

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HFT® feels lucky and proud to be part of BPRFC and such associations with our history.


  1. Would just like to say my family and I were lucky enough to attend the VE Day celebrations in Burry Port. We had a lovely time and were amazed at how well organised the whole event was by the local rugby club. Well done everyone involed.

  2. Ron Sewell October 29, 2015 Reply

    Hi Kelly, I’ve only just noticed your comment. Although I was unable to attend, I had a great report about the event and I saw all of the photographs. The club did a really super job with the event and I was amazed with all of the old things that they came up with, to show on the day.

    Of course they did so much more, I could never write it all here, however I do think that the Rugby Club Committee should be publicly commended for putting on such a fine event and for all of the good things that they do for the local community.

    Congratulations to everybody in the club.

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