Updated leaflet PurgEye® 200 IP65

PurgEye API200 PHO-02W NL NBAn updated leaflet showing the PurgEye® 200 IP65 Weld Purge Monitor®, is ready.

The PurgEye® 200 IP65 is a Hand Held Weld Purge Monitor® for site work, that reads down to 10 ppm very accurately.

The Monitor has a lifetime solid state sensor and an integral pump for extracting purge gas when it is not possible to connect to the exhaust hose.

The rechargeable battery life is 4 hours which should be sufficient for morning work and at lunch time the batteries can be changed with the other two that are provided and are in the charger unit also provided.

The PurgEye® 200 is now also IP65 rated, so Waterproof and Dustproof.

This Instrument displays oxygen levels in parts per million (ppm) and the readings can be clearly seen from 5 metres or more.

Suitable applications for the PurgEye® 200 IP65 include research and development work with welding procedures, checking gas quality at all parts of the welding and purging processes including the supply gas at source, checking the accuracy of other instruments as well as measuring purge gas exhaust in industries such as aerospace, Bio, Petrochem, Pharmaceutical, Chemical, Semi Conductor, Food and Drinks etc.

If you are interested in this leaflet, please email hft@huntingdonfusion.com

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