Top 10 Best Weld Purging Practices

Weld Purging Techniques are really varied from the very crude to the ingenious.

Some are straight forward using products made especially for the application while some are adapted to suit the job in hand.

As long as the top 10 Weld Purging Best Practices are carried out then such adapted solutions are extremely valid.

3_ Aluminium Plug in short elbow piece

The attached photograph shows how a pipe shop has used a Pipestoppers® Aluminium plug, to block a short elbow piece where it would be impractical to use a standard pipe purging system.

This is not representative of a super clean application where a special stainless steel pipe shop would be necessary.

Pipestoppers® plugs are available in all sizes from 0.5” up to 72” diameter, (12 mm up to 1800 mm).

They can be supplied made from Aluminium or Steel  and there is also as standard range of inflatable stoppers too.

A Copy of the “Top 10 Best Weld Purging Practices” is available on request.

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