welding stainless steel

Stainless Steels and their Corrosion Resistant Properties

Stainless steels are often the choice of alloy because of their corrosion resistance and strength. They are some of the […]

Welding Stainless Steel

Avoiding loss of corrosion Many industries rely on the corrosion resistance of stainless steels including the food, beverage, pharmaceutical, semiconductor, […]

Trailing Shield Comparison

Argweld Weld Trailing Shields ® of a high quality by Huntingdon Fusion

Argweld Weld Trailing Shields ® are a simple, low cost addition to any TIG (GTAW), MIG (GMAW) or Plasma (PAW) […]

Fabtech 2016 and the launch of HFT ®’s Weld Purge Monitors ®

This week is the long awaited Fabtech Exhibition Show, which is taking place this year in Las Vegas! It is […]

Oxygen Weld Monitors not sufficient for Purging

Oxygen Weld Monitors not sufficient for Purging, opt for a Weld Purge Monitor ® instead For years now, companies have […]

Welder HFT

Comment of Dylan Thomas, the welder

Many of you will know of Dylan Thomas the great Welsh Poet and writer. On this occasion, one of his […]

Technical Paper – Innovation in Weld Protection

Technical Paper 1060 was released July 16.  The title is “Innovation in Weld Protection”, written by Dr M J Fletcher of […]

WP-44 Avoiding loss of corrosion resistance when welding stainless steels

Many people don’t consider the high costs of maintaining corrosion resistance when welding. Companies accept that the grinding, polishing and […]