Qwik-Freezer™ Pipe Freezing Equipment

Qwik-Freezer™ Pipe Freezing Equipment uses liquid carbon dioxide (CO2) to freeze stationary water in any chosen sections of pipe or tubing. Here […]

Pipe Freezing for Pipe Repairs and Maintenance

Pipe freezing is fast becoming one of the most efficient ways to make pipe repairs or to carry out pipeline […]

Plugs and stoppers

Plugs and Stoppers for all applications

HFT®’s Plugs and Stoppers range are designed and manufactured for a variety of applications. “One of our inspection techniques requires […]

May 7, demonstration welding products at EWM High Tech Welding

There is an open day at EWM’s facility in Morpeth on Thursday May 7 in conjunction with TWI. There will […]

HFT Pipestoppers

HFT Pipestoppers® Pipe Plugs and Stoppers

“One of our inspection techniques, requires the tubes to be flooded with water and we use your HFT Pipestopper® Plugs […]

hft pipestoppers plugs and stoppers

Aluminium Plugs

A new comprehensive leaflet about the HFT Pipestoppers® range of Aluminium Plugs has been released. The Pipestoppers® Aluminium plugs are […]