Return on Investment

A new document has been published by HFT®, called ROI Return on Investment.

This shows how the use of a 10” inflatable pipe purging system together with the PurgEye® 100 can make immediate payback even on the smallest of jobs.

When used on moderate to larger numbers of joints the Investment shows payback and savings of       $ Thousands with inert gas saved as well as time for setting up and post weld cleaning and polishing.

Payback figures are also available for every pipe size and quantity, just write to

The above figures are taken from charts produced by Cob Industries in the USA who present the values according to American rates for gas and based in $US.

Concurrently, PM Norway, a leading offshore supplier, has produced a similar, but more comprehensive document, calculating return on investment for a number of sizes of QuickPurge®II systems vs the cheapest alternatives.

Adding total work time for each joint to the capital cost and the straight forward purge time the end values are so stunning that major operators can see such a significant savings to costs, that it could affect their bidding processes and success rates in winning contracts.

These costing charts are available from PM Norway or HFT®.

Argweld and PurgEye ROI-P

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