QuickPurge®III is ready!

Less than a year since the launch of QuickPurge® II the HFT® development team has introduced the QuickPurge® III System.

As well as update suggestions from our QuickPurge® II Customers we have added a couple of additional developments that didn’t quite make it into the previous launch.

The production lines are rolling from 5 January 2015, the first day in our 40th Anniversary year.

PurgeGate® II has been developed and Integrated.  This is a major addition to PurgeGate® I.

With PurgeGate® II it is now possible to increase the flow however much you like once the dams are inflated.

This caters for those people who wish to weld titanium and produce zero colour welds in Stainless Steel UHP joints.

With PurgeGate® I, the flow was restricted to 7.5 Litres/min  (16 Cu Ft/hr).  Now the Argon bottle can be opened safely as far as the operator would like.

The three action hoses have been deliberately coloured:

  • Black – for the primary argon inlet hose to inflate the dams and to purge the air away from the joint.
  • Blue – for the auxiliary hose to provide extra gas for zero colour welds
  • Red – for the exhaust hose to connect directly to the Argweld® Purge Monitor.

Argeweld® QuickPurge®III Tube, Pipe and Pipeline Weld Purge System

These colours will remain consistent on the Argweld® HotPurge™ range and on the PurgElite® range of tube and pipe purging systems.

The red exhaust hose is manufactured from 6 mm o.d polypropylene to fit straight into the standard 6 mm QuickFit connections used on PurgEye® Weld Purge Monitors®.

New inlet and exhaust ports to allow faster flow of gas without creating turbulence of the gas to ensure the fastest purging times.

It is now possible to purge a 12” pipe to 50 ppm and less in just over 2 minutes.

The range has been increased so that at the low end, the smallest model is for 5” (125 mm) tube or pipe and at the large end, 96” (2440 mm) tube and pipe.

Read the new Leaflet about QuickPurge® III by clicking this link


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