QuickPurge Pipe Purging

Pipe Purging: Purging large diameter pipework ready for welding can be expensive. Without restricting the volume, there is a high cost involved in inert gas used and time spent waiting for the oxygen level to reach a level low enough for welding to begin.

Weld Purging experts Huntingdon Fusion Techniques HFT® have designed and developed QuickPurge® Systems to dramatically reduce the space that needs to be purged.

QuickPurge Pipe Purging

Here are some of our Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. How can Argweld® QuickPurge® help me?

A. QuickPurge dramatically reduces welding times and achieves savings in argon. For example, a 36″ (900 mm) pipe joint might take from 4 to 8 hours to prepare and purge properly when using homemade devices such as discs made from cardboard, foam or rubber.

Q What range of sizes is available?

A. 6 to 88″ (152 to 2,235 mm).

QuickPurge Pipe Purging

Q. Can Argweld® QuickPurge® Systems be used for ‘return bends’?

A. It is necessary to tell HFT® at the time of order, that the QuickPurge® System is required for return bends. We will then manufacture longer collars to provide the necessary space to prevent the dams from being too close to the weld.

Q. Are Argweld® QuickPurge® Systems re-usable?

A. Yes, QuickPurge® is rugged and can be used for multiple welds.

Q. What are Argweld® QuickPurge® Systems made from?

A. Predominantly low vapour pressure, flexible, durable, heat resistant materials selected for longevity.

Q. Are Argweld® QuickPurge® Systems resistant to heat?

A. Yes, QuickPurge® is resistant to the heat of all typical arc welding processes.

Special heat-protected purge systems called Argweld® HotPurge® are available to accommodate pre-weld and post-weld heat-treated joints.

Q. How do I measure the residual oxygen content?

A. Use a dedicated “PurgEye® Weld Purge Monitor®“.

PurgEye 100 Weld Purge Monitor

Q. How do I position the product in the pipeline?

A. QuickPurge® Systems are manufactured with high strength pull loops that allow the fixing of pull cords. RootGlo® is a glow sleeve which can be seen readily through the root gap when making open root welds. Exposure to 10 minutes of light provides illumination inside the pipe for up to 12 hours.

More information on our QuickPurge Pipe Purging Systems!

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