Quick-Purge-APSQ2-PHO-02WPurgeGate™ is an exceptional development from Huntingdon Fusion Techniques, that prevents inflatable tube and pipe weld purging systems from bursting, even though the pressure can be turned up as high as the operator likes and the flow   rate can be controlled to whatever level the operator would select.

Ray Abbott quotes: When working for Heerema in Holland, I lost count of the number of times the inflatable dams would burst.  Having checked out your PurgeGate™ system it looks very impressive”.

Huntingdon Fusion Techniques offers an unequivocal, No Quibble lifetime guarantee on its inflatable systems and the PurgeGate™ accessory, against bursting due to over inflation. It simply cannot happen.

I have had permission to use Ray’s name for this post.

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