Purge Bladders

An HFT® customer carrying out sub-contract welding work who uses PurgElite® Tube and Pipe Purging Systems, sometimes called Purge Bladders, has made some startling discoveries.

PurgElite® System

PurgElite® System

Previously using old fashioned purging systems with complicated valves to set, he was using 3 times as much gas as he uses now with the PurgElite® Systems.

One reason is that PurgElite® Systems are fitted with IntaCal® the preset innovation from HFT®.

In addition to IntaCal®, HFT® provide PurgeGate® as an accessory, that will prevent all PurgElite® Systems from ever bursting due to accidental over pressurisation.



All users of other forms of Purge Bladders who wish to fit PurgeGate® to their systems can buy the accessory direct from HFT®.

If any companies welding tube or pipe would like to try PurgElite® Systems to see the gas savings potential for themselves, they can contact HFT® for trial units.



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