Portable Weld Purge Trace PPM Oxygen Analyzer

A Portable Weld Purge Trace PPM Oxygen Analyzer is crucial to monitor the oxygen level before, during and after welding.

Titanium, stainless steel and zirconium tubes, pipes and parts need to be welded in an inert environment. Using a Portable Weld Purge Trace PPM Oxygen Analyzer will ensure welds will not corrode. Oxide-free, zero color welds are mandatory in certain industries.

We manufacture a range of Portable Weld Purge Trace PPM Oxygen Analyzer’s. They measure from atmospheric concentration, right down to 1 part per million (ppm).

With our scientific background, Huntingdon Fusion Techniques HFT ® are the Worlds leading designers and manufacturers of Weld Purging Products.

Portable Weld Purge Trace PPM Oxygen Analyzer

The PurgEye ® Family Range comprises:

  • PurgEye ® 100, low cost, hand held IP65 rated monitor which reads down to 100 ppm, ideal for welding stainless steel.
  • PurgEye ® 200, hand held, rechargeable battery driven monitor, which reads down to 1 ppm.
  • PurgEye ® 300 Nano, low cost, mains power driven monitor, reading down to 1 ppm.
  • PurgEye ® 300 lightweight monitor, which comes with software for recording purging results.
  • PurgEye ® 500 uses an internal electro-mechanical pump to draw the gas across the sensor and includes a long life sensor with virtually no maintenance required.
  • PurgEye ® 600 touch screen model, measuring from atmospheric level down to 1 ppm and includes data capture via USB using PurgeLog™ software.
  • PurgEye ® 1000 can measure oxygen levels up to 1,000 metres away from the weld.

We will shortly be announcing a new Portable Weld Purge Trace PPM Oxygen Analyzer line up. The new monitors will be launched at Fabtech in Las Vegas in November. Huntingdon Fusion Techniques HFT® will be there with COB, our US Partner.

All of our Weld Purge Monitors® and Inflatable Pipe Purging Systems are manufactured in the UK! With scientific knowledge and research invested in each of our products. We do not save on quality. You can be sure to achieve perfect welds, time and time again.


  1. Azmy Ashoush December 2, 2020 Reply

    Dears Good Day

    We have purchased the oxygen analyzer model
    PurgEye ® 100, but during using of welding of superduplex the conten not down to 500 ppm as per spec’s required

    Could you please helping us to find out the problem


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