PipEq launch new web site

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PipEq, Exclusive Benelux Distributors for Huntingdon Fusion Techniques HFT®, have launched a new web site in the Dutch Language called “Zuurstofmonitor” (Weld Purge Monitors) to promote and provide comprehensive information about all Weld Purge Monitors® in the PurgEye® range, all written in Dutch.

These instruments are of interest to a wide range of industries as follows:

  • Oil and Gas industry the welding of  Topsides products/projects containing pipework
  • Aerospace industries for welding chamber work and any other out of chamber welding of reactive metals or alloys
  • Process industries for zero colour welding with no oxidation of joints
  • Liquid Natural Gas where instruments are used to build a wide range of degasification or regasification systems.

The web site address is:  www.zuurstofmonitor.nl


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