Pipe Purging Masters

Pipe Purging Masters Huntingdon Fusion Techniques HFT® offer innovative solutions on a global scale.

For almost 48 years, we have been known as the World Leaders in Weld Purging Technology and are proud to be known as the Pipe Purging Masters.

Weld Purge Monitors®

Our line of seven Weld Purge Monitors® have all different capabilities with readings down to 1 ppm (accurate to 10 ppm). Our Weld Purge Monitors® can be used at a distance, on-site or hands-free meaning there is a Weld Purge Monitor® for every application and budget. We recently updated our World Leading Weld Purge Monitor® the PurgEye® 100, which is now manufactured with a sleek metal housing.

Pipe Purging Masters
The NEW PurgEye® 100 Weld Purge Monitor®

Tube and Pipe Purging Systems

Our Family Range of Inflatable Tube, Pipe and Pipeline Weld Purging Systems are manufactured from as low as 1” and our standard systems are as large as 88”. These innovative Purging Systems restrict the volume of pipe to be purged, making huge savings in time and inert gas costs.

Weld Purge Accessories

Our Weld Purging Accessories range from Weld Purge Film, Weld Backing Tape, Weld Trailing Shields and Flexible Welding Enclosures. No matter what your purging challenge we have a solution to help achieve those sought after, oxide free, zero colour welds.

Pipe Purging Masters
Argweld® Weld Trailing Shields®

MultiStrike® Tungsten Electrodes and TEG-100 Tungsten Electrode Grinder

Recognising the risk posed by thoriated Tungsten Electrodes, our GREEN non-thoriated, non-radio toxic Tungsten Electrodes offer substantial health and safety benefits to red tipped thoriated tungsten electrodes. Coupled together with the TEG-1000, MultiStrike Tungsten Electrodes can be ground perfectly every time with savings made because of the increased life of a properly ground tungsten.

Pipestoppers® and Pipe Freezing Systems

Our Pipestoppers® Division has plugs, stoppers and pipe freezing systems for a large variety of applications. This includes leak testing, weld purging, debris stopping and pipe freezing for repair or maintenance work for thousands of different industries.

Pipe Purging Masters
Accu-Freeze™ Pipe Freezing System in action

Whatever the problem, the Pipe Purging Masters has the solution: https://pipepurgingmasters.com/

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