Clad welding

New packaging PurgEye® 100 Sensor

The PurgEye® 100 Sensors are being shipped in new packaging. This is a way to increase the sensor life significantly […]

Flux methods of welding verses weld purging

A comment from a member of our “Weld Purging Best Practices” group on LinkedIn, reads as follows: “I have used solar flux […]

The PurgEye® 500 Weld Purge Monitor®

Weld Purging gas pressure is a subject that raises its head fairly frequently. Welders are used to lowering the weld […]

HFT® Sponsorship

Huntingdon Fusion Techniques has sponsored Burry Port RFC “The Black” for 3 years in a row. The HFT® Sponsorship covers […]

Significant purchase from Norway

After a significant purchase order today, Friday 13 September, from our Exclusive Norwegian Distributors, we had a very pleasant accolade from […]