Out with the OLD and in the NEW

Argweld Weld Trailing Shields® are NEW and IMPROVED. The biggest feature about the new model is the unique torch attachment, […]

Stainless Steels and their Corrosion Resistant Properties

Stainless steels are often the choice of alloy because of their corrosion resistance and strength. They are some of the […]

Argweld Weld Trailing Shields ®

Argweld Weld Trailing Shields ® provide an additional inert gas coverage during stainless steel and titanium pipe and sheet metal […]

Qwik-Freezer™ Pipe Freezing Equipment

Qwik-Freezer™ Pipe Freezing Equipment uses liquid carbon dioxide (CO2) to freeze stationary water in any chosen sections of pipe or tubing. Here […]

welding enclosure - aerospace industry

Welding Enclosures for the Aerospace Industry

Welding Enclosures are in use by companies such as British Airways, Airbus, Pratt and Whitney, Lufthansa, Senior Engineering and Shapes […]

Weld Backing Tape

Weld Backing Tape is a low cost way of supporting the backside of weld joints, helping to achieve oxide free […]

Happy New Year

A Happy New Year message from our CEO Managing Director, Georgia Gascoyne.  Hi everyone and a very Happy New Year […]

PurgEye® 1000 Weld Purge Monitor®

The PurgEye® 1000 Remote Weld Purge Monitor

The PurgEye® 1000 enables operators to read the weld purge gas level from up to 1 km away from the […]

Dew Point Sensor

PurgeNet™ Dew Point Purging Gas Moisture Sensor™

The presence of moisture on the joint surface can create porosity in the weld metal. It is therefore important that […]

Replace Foam Dams with a Quality Purging System

Quality Purging: Weld Purging dams are still fabricated on-site by welders to save money. They are often made from unsuitable […]