Tube International Exhibition

During the Tube Istanbul Exhibition at the end of March, our CEO, Georgia Gascoyne met up with Tracey Callaghan of Tube […]

HFT® Website

Our web site uses the latest state of the art responsive template to automatically fit all mobile devices such as […]

Highly Skilled Welder comments on negative report

———————————————————————————————————————————————In January we published a Blog item on the HFT® website and on the Weld Purging Best Practices Group (LinkedIn): Negative […]

White Paper 59 – Flexible Enclosure® Welding

White Paper number 59, about Flexible Welding Enclosures® and their comparisons with Metal Chambers and Glove Boxes. The attractions of […]

Updated leaflet PurgEye® 200 IP65

An updated leaflet showing the PurgEye® 200 IP65 Weld Purge Monitor®, is ready. The PurgEye® 200 IP65 is a Hand Held […]

HFT Press Release PurgExtra

PurgExtra™ successfully published

Huntingdon Fusion Techniques latest Press Release PurgExtra™ Pipe Weld Purging System, is successfully published in World Wide Welding Magazines. Click […]

HFT® Results first month of 2015

Continuing our stunning results month after month, the company registered it’s highest turnover for any January since 2001 when we […]

Paper dams

Negative report using water soluble paper

Once again we have a negative report from somebody using water soluble paper to make a purge dam.   On […]

HFT Pipestoppers

Press Release ‘Pipe Sealing Plugs and Stoppers’ Successfully Published

The Pipestoppers® Division of Huntingdon Fusion Techniques has released a set of literature, describing their enlarged range of pipe sealing […]

PurgEye 1000 Remote Weld Purge Monitor

Remote Weld Purge Monitoring

White Paper 63 – Remote Weld Purge Monitoring has just been released by Huntingdon Fusion Techniques HFT® to discuss the characteristics […]