New White Paper – 51

The new White Paper 51 is entitled “Freezer solutions to Pipe repairs and alterations”.

For companies that maintain pipework, where product is passing through, this White Paper may offer some extraordinary assistance.

Instead of emptying the pipework system with all that entails, such as loss of product, loss of time, problems of disposing of unwanted product and cost of replacing that product.

Companies can now freeze that product in place, either side of the repair zone, carry out the repair and return to normal, very quickly without loss of product or loss of time and cost in emptying and replacing the product.

This process is practical for all pipe sizes from 9 – 300 mm diameter, using either liquid Carbon Dioxide or Liquid Nitrogen.

The liquid nitrogen system can be operated automatically and remotely, allowing it to be used for Nuclear Pipework repairs where radio toxic material is present.  

Qwik-Freezer® UI's Cobs           AF Kit close 299 kb



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