New Power Point Presentation – Argweld® PurgElite® Inflatable pipe purging systems.

Series of Titanium Tube and Pipe Purging systems from 1_ to 24_diameter

A new Power Point Presentation is available showing the Mark II PurgElite® pipe purging systems with a number of updates over the previous models.

The Intacal® special low profile is featured, explaining how it eliminates the old fashioned high profile valves that need setting up. The old valves  can scratch the surfaces of polished stainless steel tubing and pipework. PurgGate® is also featured for the first time, a new accessory that prevents dams from over inflation or bursting.

PurgElite PL1 PHO-24B (6 Inch)

Another major new ‘wow’ factor, the intumescent tubing that  connects the dams.

In the event of overheating or a molten piece of metal coming into touch with the purge gas hose, the outer shell of the material will soften and immediately form a heat barrier to prevent the internal gas tube from damage.

One of the other new items is the increase in range, so these low cost systems are available for sizes up to 24” for those customers who might not be able to justify the Quick Purge® systems.

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