New Multi Strike® Tungsten Electrode Leaflet

New Multi Strike® Tungsten Electrode Leaflet:

The new four page Multi Strike® Tungsten Electrode leaflet, shows pictures of the radiation monitor indicating the high levels of radiation from thoriated tungsten electrodes and just a really low background radiation level being emitted by  the Multi Strikes®

Tungstens MST PHO 01W NL

This month we have also received some new accolades from customers, one of whom told us that he would gladly recommend Multi Strike® Tungsten Electrodes for high current cladding work.

Click this link for the leaflet

 Huntingdon Fusion Techniques -Techweld® MultiStrike® Leaflet

Click this link for more information on our website about the Tungsten Electrodes

Huntingdon Fusion Techniques -Techweld® MultiStrike®


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