Multi Strike® Tungsten Electrodes

An HFT® Customer recently decided to purchase cheaper Tungsten Electrodes as a cost saving exercise.

Having tried alternatives, the customer experienced variable results with inconsistent welds, porosity and unusual arc behaviour.

Because of such performance the very long standing Huntingdon Fusion Techniques® customer, reverted to using Multi Strike® non thoriated tungsten electrodes.

On another cost saving exercise one of our Exclusive Distributors started to lose business from a Multi Strike® Tungsten Electrodes user. Because their customer continued to purchase Multi Strikes®, their account was kept open and our Distributor is now winning back their lost business.

Huntingdon Fusion Techniques® has received a multitude of accolades over the years for the Multi Strike® Tungsten Electrodes and any company with an interest to try these tungstens, may contact HFT® for a sample.

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