Launch of PurgElite® II with New! Crimping Technology

Launch of PurgElite® II

April also saw the launch of PurgElite® II Tube and Pipe Purging Systems.  The new systems have ‘fixes for a couple of weak points to the design of the old MKI system, in particular with heavier duty crimp connections that prevent some materials separating. We reported previously about the purchase of two heavy duty, expensive crimping machines for the production department.

PurgElite® System

PurgElite® System

Another really great innovation is the discovery of a very flexible, high temperature resistant spinal hose material.  Now the PurgElite® systems can be drawn round 90º Elbows, swept bends and even U bends. In the event of the hose touching the hot metal pipe by accident as it is being drawn though tubing or pipe assemblies, the surface is resistant to the heat levels to be found in those situations.

New Crimping Machine

A new (rather expensive) crimping machine has been installed in the PurgElite® production area.

As part of the preparations for the launch of PurgElite® II coming up shortly, we have made the crimps shown in the attached pictures much stronger and more consistent than with the old crimping machine.

There is a small design change as well that has introduced a device under the front nose cone that provides a solid foundation for the crimp. The inflatable devices have been tested to maximum pressure and we are satisfied that the crimps hold tight 100%. Once the MK II PurgElite® systems start rolling off the production line, customers will see even better changes and results, particularly with respect to the crimped part.

In the pictures, it is possible to see the new 50% thicker polyurethane impregnated nylon cloth that is being used, again improving the PurgElite® systems significantly.

PurgElite® New crimpted fitting - Downstream end                              PurgElite® Upstream dam crimp

A new leaflet is available, photographs showing the systems bent into more difficult formats than can be found in practice plus all other documentation and certification.

For more information about PurgElite®, click link

Huntingdon Fusion Techniques – PurgElite®


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