Internship Review

Our American Summer Marketing Intern Lauren Wirth has returned to the USA to pursue her University degree. Before she departed Lauren had some great comments about her time at Huntingdon Fusion Techniques, HFT®….

“Working with the HFT team, including Michaela, Monique and others has been an amazing opportunity.

I have learned so much. I was really immersed in the company and took on projects that I never even dreamed of doing during an internship. I got to see both the beginnings and the final implementations of various marketing projects.

I feel like I have grown my skill set as an American working for a British company. Before coming to intern at HFT I took marketing and international management classes in the United Kingdom for 6 months. It was a dream to implement what I learned in the UK and to see the difference between British and American marketing and management strategies, in real world situations.

I learnt how to work in a company as a team member, the importance of diversity in the work place and that everybody has certain skills that others should capitalise on. This is all invaluable first hand knowledge that I could have never obtained elsewhere.

When I began at HFT I didn’t know anything about the concept of welding or weld purging.

I studied the products and throughout my time here I grew to understand just how beneficial they are to the welding industry.

My last project consisted of the creation of cost analysis formulae to prove that HFT’s products are more cost effective than other types. It is really an amazing feeling to know that the work that I did with HFT was beneficial to the company. Not many interns get to say that.

HFT has shown me that I made the correct choice for my major. Thank you so much for this amazing opportunity and all of the invaluable lessons that each of you have taught me! I have really enjoyed my time here.”

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