Influence of Shielding Gases on the Quality of Welds

Action Shot Arc Weld

Although the article is more than 15 years old, I must commend “Influence of Shielding Gases on the Quality of Welds”to our group members and anybody else that you would like to read it.

The article was written by Nils E.Larson of Compressed Gas Industries, Inc, USA.

This is an extremely well written and explanatory article that could be very valuable for members who would like to know a little more about the welding arc, how it is formed and what it does.

The influence of the arc in the presence of shielding gases is discussed and is valuable information for our members.

There is a good section on Purging Gases and when to purge.

This article is from the “2nd International Symposium on “Orbital Welding in High Purity Industries”

If any of you want a copy and cannot find it on line, I’ll be pleased to send you a copy.


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