Inflatable Weld Purging System for Welding Tubes and Pipes

Why use an Inflatable Weld Purging System?

When welding metals, such as stainless, duplex, chrome steels, zirconium titanium and nickel alloys, it is vital that the oxygen surrounding the welding zone is replaced with an inert gas such as argon.

When welds are made in the presence of oxygen, they are oxidised, which can lead to loss of corrosion resistance at best and metallurgical defects at worst. Welding with an inert gas eliminates those problems, leaving bright, shiny, zero colour welds.

Since 1975, our technical experts here at Huntingdon Fusion Techniques HFT®, driven by their scientific knowledge have been manufacturing Inflatable Pipe Purging Systems to save welders time and money when it comes to Weld Purging.

Homemade devices to take a long time to make and often fail, causing unnecessary additional work and other related costs. The other option is to completely fill tubes and pipes with an inert gas. This might work for small tubes and pipes, but filling larger ones is going to be very costly.

How do Weld Purging Systems work?

HFT pipe Purging Systems are similar in design, two inflatable dams connected to each other about 20” (500 mm) apart. The System is positioned inside the pipe, with RootGlo®, our innovative central, illuminated band.

The dams inflate first with the inert gas, creating an airtight seal in the pipe. The gas is then fed into the welding zone and the purged of oxygen. The oxygen exits out of the exhaust on the System where it can be measured with a Weld Purge Monitor®

Using an Inflatable Weld Purging System dramatically reduces the space that needs to be purged, usually paying for itself in the first couple of welds in gas saving alone. In addition, you have the time saved for welders waiting for large volumes to be purged.

All of our Inflatable Tube and Pipe Weld Purging Systems are manufactured as standard with an exhaust for connecting a Weld Purge Monitor to. Find out which Monitor is right for you on our comparison chart.

We have two main types of Inflatable Pipe Purging Systems. The first is our PurgElite®, which is available in sizes 1 to 24” (25 to 600 mm). PurgExtra® is also a part of the PurgElite® Range, but has extra gas inlets and multiple exhausts to accommodate high flow rates of purging and exhaust gases.

QuickPurge® is available for larger pipe diameters, in sizes 6 to 96” (150 to 2,440 mm). QuickPurge® is also designed with PurgeGate®, a unique one-way valve that will ensure the inflatable dams don’t burst due to over inflation (additional accessory with PurgElite®).

How much money will an Inflatable Purging Systems save me?

We have Return On Investment (ROI) charts available to show the savings that can be made when purchasing our Pipe Purging Systems.

Should I choose PurgElite® or QuickPurge®?

Our experts here at HFT® will be able to give you the best technical advice when choosing your Weld Purging System. Get in touch for more information.

All of our Weld Purge Monitors® and Inflatable Pipe Purging Systems are manufactured in the UK! With scientific knowledge and research invested in each of our products. We do not save on quality. You can be sure to achieve perfect welds, time and time again.


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    Just having a look. Do you do demos ??

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    Very interested. Much better than the old rice paper bunds. Looking forward to more info.

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