Inflatable Stoppers

Inflatable Stoppers PSI PHO-01W NL NB

Inflatable Stoppers PSI PHO-10W NL NB


Another new flyer released this month shows the range of  inflatable stoppers for the first time in literature format. Many different kinds of inflatable stoppers are manufactured.


Inflatable Stoppers PSI PHO-02W NL NB

Inflatable Stoppers PSI PHO-24W NL NB

For example, Standard Cylindrical, Spherical and Sausage shaped, Heat resistant versions for high temperature operation and stoppers resistant against hydrocarbons and other petrochemicals.


Click this link for the flyer

Huntingdon Fusion Techniques – Flyer Inflatable Stoppers

Click this link to see more about all our Inflatable Stoppers

Huntingdon Fusion Techniques – Inflatable Stoppers



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