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One of our Technicians recently visited one of the LNG regasification sites in the Southern half of the UK.

The Welding and Quality staff had been having difficulties with purging products supplied by other people for the weld purging of 12”, 14” and 36” pipes. Having contacted the other company, the customer called HFT® to ask for help hence the visit of our technician.

Quick-Purge-APSQ2-PHO-26WWithin a few minutes our technician set up a 12” QuickPurge®II system fitted with PurgeGate™ and completed the purge quickly.

The customer was able to choose his own pressure and flow rate to suit the circumstances and they were unable too burst them.

PurgeGate™ protected the bladders against over pressurisation whilst allowing the correct quantity of gas to flow.

They then moved onto a 36” system, where the same procedure followed, but inflating with a higher purge rate. Needless to say PurgeGate™ again protected the system and prevented anything from bursting.

PurgEye API100 PHO-0#46B4BBFor both tests, the customer was using an Argweld® Weld Purge Monitor® measuring down to 0.5% which was the company’s standard and the 12” went below this level in just over 2 minutes while the 36” unit took just over 4 minutes.


The customer was left in a really happy state confirming that our competitorsproducts would no longer be used because of the excellence of HFT® products and the lifetime unequivocal no quibble instant replacement warranty that HFT® gives on all products fitted with PurgeGate™.




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