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Single Port Rim Fastening Steel Plug

Single Port Rim Fastening Steel Plug

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Twin Port Rim Fastening Steel Plug






A new leaflet has been released showing the ranges of “Rim Fastening” Steel Drain Test Plugs.

Most drain test plugs expand from the centre, however, above a certain size, the consistency of pipe roundness starts to be lost.

For such applications, the “Rim Fastening” Steel Plugs offer a greater reliability, as they can be tightened at the edges in such a way that the seal is made, even with pipe ovality and lack of roundness.
The plugs are adjusted by tightening the bolts at the edges and working in a diametrically opposed pattern, rather as engineers would tighten the cylinder head on a car engine or the wheel nuts of vehicles.

Steel Plugs PSPR Rimfast PHO-03W NLThese Rim Fastening plugs are available in sizes from
17″ (430 mm) up to 95″ (2400 mm).

Two separate versions of these plugs are available:

  • A 2″ BSP centre outlet
  • An additional 4″ (100 mm) outlet.

Further outlets can be provided on request.

The 4″ outlet is offset towards the outer edge, so that pipelines can be drained of water without removing the plugs.

Further information from marketing@huntingdonfusion.com

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