Happy New Year

A Happy New Year message from our CEO Managing Director, Georgia Gascoyne. 

Hi everyone and a very Happy New Year to you all. 

I don’t think any of us will forget 2020 in a hurry, it was an extremely challenging year on both a business and personal level. 

Happy new year

I am very proud of everybody at HFT for how they have coped with the ongoing pandemic. We continue to make a collective decision on the morning following any lockdown announcement to carry on and be here for our worldwide Distributors and customers.

At the beginning we quickly worked out a new, safe office layout, put up the necessary markers and signs and stocked up on hand sanitiser, which has meant that HFT hasn’t lost one business day to the virus and we haven’t furloughed any of our staff.

Foresight on behalf of our Purchasing Team prior to the virus taking a grip in the UK meant that we were already stockpiling raw material and components well before the initial lockdown and because we manufacture the majority of our products in the UK, we weren’t beholden to matters beyond our control.        

Of course, it hasn’t been easy and logistics plays a large part in our business and this is an area many of us have found particularly challenging.

Despite it all, we have had many highlights this year:

45th Anniversary

In 2020, HFT celebrated 45 years in business! Our dedication to product development, land-standing industry experience and a loyal Distributor network are key elements to our success. 

Export Business of the Year

In March, we were named winners of the Export Business of the Year 2019 and I scooped the very prestigious President’s Award. We had an incredible night and what an achievement it was for us. 

Supplier to Spacex

In May, Spacex launched its first private spacecraft into orbit and HFT supported them throughout the build of the spacecraft as one of their suppliers. 

New Products

In 2020, we launched two new products, the PurgeNet™ Dew Point Purging Gas Moisture Sensor™ for eliminating porosity during welding and the Rubber PetroChem Stoppers, which have many applications including the sealing of scupper ports on boats and Super Yachts.

Sizewell C Consortium

We were delighted to be included in the Sizewell C Consortium, a group of businesses that are behind getting Sizewell C constructed, lobbying the government and ensuring that the majority of services, goods, supplies are procured from UK businesses.

Non-executive Director of the TWI

I was also delighted to be appointed as a non-executive Director of The Welding Institute (TWI). 

A look ahead…. 

So, what’s next?  We have already started off 2021 with our exit from the EU and within days another announcement from Boris Johnson of tougher lockdown measures for at least 6 weeks.

Once again, we pull together and carry on jumping the hurdles as they are placed in front of us.

We’ve a lot to look forward to this year:

Canadian Virtual Trade Mission – Nuclear Sector

The first of its kind taking place at the end of January bringing OCNI members and Welsh businesses together to form collaborations in order to supply products or services into each nation’s nuclear sector.

Product Enhancements and Improvements

There are some exciting developments taking place including a more robust casing for the handheld PurgEye® 200 Weld Purge Monitor®. 

New Packaging

We have used the lockdown period to assess our packaging and labelling in order to eliminate unnecessary waste, which includes changes to the Weld Backing Tape® packaging from this month.

Industry Shows

We hope to be heading back to Fabtech and Adipec at the end of the year where we can finally see some of our loyal Distributors and Customers face to face. Both industry shows, along with many others were sadly cancelled during 2020. 

From all of us here at HFT, we wish you a safe and healthy 2021.

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