Flyer published of the PurgEye® 1000 Weld Purge Monitor®

PurgEye API1000 Remote PHO-01W NB NLA new flyer has been been published today, describing the PurgEye® 1000 weld purge monitor.

Because a weld purge reading will become more inaccurate the greater the distance the monitor is from the purge location, Huntingdon Fusion Techniques® has developed this remote weld purge monitor.

With this instrument, the sensing head can be placed right next to the exhaust port from the purging device and the oxygen level will then be transmitted electronically to the Monitor.

This means that highly accurate oxygen readings can be obtained up to 1000 meters from the weld purge site.

See flyer on our web site:

Huntingdon Fusion Techniques – PurgEye® 1000 

For more information on Weld Purge Monitors®

Huntingdon Fusion Techniques – Weld Purge Monitors®




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