Deep Tig Welding

There is a really interesting article in the TPJ journal this month.

The title is “Improving GTAW for Producers, Fabricators”

The article covers the use of special metal oxides to increase weld penetration and the process has been named “EWI Deep Tig.”

The article claims a 300% increase in penetration. This leads to reduced welding times and simplified weld joint preparations as well as reduced distortion due to the more symmetrical weld cross section.

The process was developed originally for the US Navy’s shipboard piping systems using Orbital Welding Machines. All standard Orbital Welding equipment can work with this process.

As is usual for most welding of this nature, in alloy steels, the root still needs to be purged with the correct products.

Such expensive equipment and welding procedures, should demand the best available weld purging products, which are undoubtedly those from Huntingdon Fusion Techniques HFT® which is the only company that actually researches and develops weld products.

Now that the new Argweld® family of Inflatable Pipe Purging Systems is available with PurgeGate™ it is impossible for anybody to over inflate a system and therefore the risk of losing a purge during a weld because of a burst end is eliminated.

Quick-Purge-APSQ2-PHO-26W         Series of Titanium Tube and Pipe Purging systems from 1_ to 24_diameter         PurgEye API100 PHO-0#46B4BB

Together with the family of PurgEye® Weld Purge Monitors® that have the most accurate readings plus ability to record data for quality control documentation, there is a complete solution from one source for all critical weld purging applications.

Article reference:  Tube and Pipe Journal 

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