Customer’s question…

“Can I use the Argweld® HotPurge® System to purge down to 20 parts per million?”

There will be no problem purging the HotPurge™ systems, nor any other of the Argweld® Pipe Purging Systems down well below 20 ppm.HotPurg™ PHO 02B Weld Torch

The end value is a function of the amount of oxygen in:

  • the interspace between the purge dams
  • in the purge lines
  • and any leakage from outside

Materials in HotPurge™ have been specially selected so that they do not hold air inside them and their outgassing rate is very tiny compared to the flow of inert gas. That inert gas flow should purge away most leakage and outgassing.

In the event that there is a requirement to reach the value of 20 ppm faster, an additional inert gas line can be attached to the blue auxiliary purge tube to multiply the purge gas throughput dramatically.

An increased gas volume from the normal 5 – 15 litres/min, will handle an enormous amount of leakage and outgassing and purge it out of the exhaust to keep the level of oxygen down to just a few parts per million while welding.PurgEye API100 PHO-0#46B4BB

Very accurate oxygen readings at 20 ppm can be given by most models of the PurgEye® family of Weld Purge Monitors®.



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