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During the last month our technicians have made several customer support visits to leading Distributors and their customers. Customer visits were made in Scotland with our very loyal and long term Distributors Weld-Tec in Glasgow and with our Exclusive Distributors in the Aberdeen and Inverness areas.

One of our technicians went offshore on a separate trip, making product demonstrations in the Shetland isles for a major offshore contractor.

Quick-Purge-APSQ2-PHO-26WA demonstration of our famous Argweld® Quick Purge® Systems was made on a 42” stainless steel pipe with amazing results.

The customer was delighted with the new PurgeGate™ accessory, as he was simply able to plug in the inert gas supply and turn the pressure and flow on to achieve instant results and a super fast, high quality purge.

PurgeGate™ prevents over inflation of the Purge Dams to ensure that they can no longer burst whilst at the same time, allowing the operator to freely adjust the flow from the gas supply.

There are no complicated valves to set so that set up time is reduced to the barest minimum.

Once inserted into the pipe, the operators were clearly able to see the Quick Purge® being centered because of Rootglo® the company’s own special light emitting strip, placed around the centre of every one of it’s Pipe Weld Purging Systems. Rootglo® collects sufficient light during it’s time in ambient conditions, to provide illumination inside the pipe for up to eight hours.

This allows the welder to clearly see his fit up and to watch the root being welded from the far side.

Following the successful demonstration, the Company went on to receive a valuable number of large diameter Quick Purge® Pipe Weld Purging Systems.

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