Comment of Dylan Thomas, the welder

Many of you will know of Dylan Thomas the great Welsh Poet and writer.

On this occasion, one of his namesakes has written to me. Not Thomas the Poet, but Thomas the Welder!

On 01/03/15 3:27 PM, Dylan Thomas wrote:

Hi Ron, 

I’m working on a new build power station, there will be plenty of purge work, stainless and chrome steels. 

I do see your address on most equipment I’ve seen on most sites, even on the Shetland gas plant.

Usually on power stations from my memory from pembroke power station and other jobs, make-shift dams are made up from foam and duct tape, or your soluble dam, the Italians on pembroke used lots of rice paper dams, it’s surprising in this day and age how firms still use primitive methods of purging. 



Such true words!

Dylan doesn’t need to live in a hut by a river in Laugharne to do his writing about life’s experiences, he is actually out there amongst the important fraternity that are helping to build UK’s Power requirements for the next hundred years or so.

How can it be, in this modern era of 2015 when two year olds can operate iPhones, iPads and even shoot mother with a gun, that “Firms” still use “Primitive methods of Purging?

Huntingdon Fusion Techniques HFT® recognised in 1975 that there were no satisfactory products available, for consistent, quality Weld Purging, so the owners put their lives on the line to build a company that would make such items available to the world.

Logo Huntingdon Fusion Techniques 40 years
Now, 40 years later, the Company is recognised as the major international authority on Weld Purging as a result of the continual change over by many companies to more cost effective methods to produce a quality weld purge.

In our 40th Anniversary year we would like to thank all of our customers who made this possible and to ask again, “how can it be that after 40 years of technical innovation to make it much more cost effective for ‘Firms’ to carry out their weld purging, still some of these companies allow their welders to waste thousands of litres of expensive argon gas and countless hours of waiting time, just to make a weld”

Can they Purge a 24” stainless steel pipe to 50 ppm oxygen in 28 Minutes? Or a 12” Titanium Tube in just under 4 minutes?

HFT® standard devices can!

Anybody who remembers us from the 1970’s or even the 1980’s please contact us, we would love to have your thoughts about our Company and our Products over the years.

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