Technical Paper

Welding Titanium: Tips for Success

Welding Titanium: Techniques for success! Welding Titanium: Titanium is a reactive metal. When it is heated during welding it will […]

White Paper being Published

Another White Paper has been published by the Oil and Gas Product News Magazine. Click this link Oil and Gas […]

Effect of the Purging Gas on Properties of 304H GTA Welds

A technical paper published in the April edition of the American “Welding Journal”, will be quite interesting to many of […]

HFT® Publicity

Several White Papers, Technical Papers and Press Releases have been published by important magazines in the welding industry in the […]

Technical Paper – Innovation in Weld Protection

Technical Paper 1060 was released July 16.  The title is “Innovation in Weld Protection”, written by Dr M J Fletcher of […]

Technical Paper – Keeping it Clean

 A new Technical Paper has just been released, called “Keeping it Clean”. The paper discusses the welding of stainless steel […]