Aluminium Plugs

A new comprehensive leaflet about the HFT Pipestoppers® range of Aluminium Plugs has been released.

Aluminium Plugs PSPA PHO-02W NL NBThe Pipestoppers® Aluminium plugs are available for pipes from 1.5″ up to 36″ diameter. (40 – 900 mm).

These plugs are suitable for low pressure testing and temporary closure of tubes, pipes and stubs in vessels etc.

They are particularly useful for the transportation of vessels, tanks and pipework fabrications, when seals are required for all orifices to either keep inert gas inside or to prevent the ingress of dirt or contamination from outside sources.

Aluminium plugs are light weight, non-rusting and neutrally buoyant and so are useful in offshore or underwater applications in any environment.

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