August, 2014

HFT® Publicity

Several White Papers, Technical Papers and Press Releases have been published by important magazines in the welding industry in the […]

Position wanted

It is not to our custom, to advertise requests for work, however this is a special case and we would […]

A safe alternative Tungsten Electrode to the market place

A leading welder training institute, ITCA, has congratulated HFT® for bringing a safe alternative Tungsten Electrode to the market place. […]

Donation to ITCA Training

HFT® recently Donated a Weld Purge Monitor® to ITCA Training in Aberdeen, Scotland. ITCA received a lot of publicity about […]

HFT Pipestoppers® Rim Fastening Drain Test Plugs

            A new leaflet has been released showing the ranges of “Rim Fastening” Steel Drain Test […]

Technical Paper – Innovation in Weld Protection

Technical Paper 1060 was released July 16.  The title is “Innovation in Weld Protection”, written by Dr M J Fletcher of […]

HFT® released new leaflets

A number of new leaflets have been released this month as follows: Updated Flyer and leaflet describing our Orbital Plug […]