February, 2014

Sam Collins

Below is an extract and summary of a piece published in our local newspaper recently: Sam Collins, a young Burry […]

High turnover for HFT®

February has traditionally been a high turnover month for Huntingdon Fusion Techniques, HFT®, surprisingly when it is a short month, […]

Weld Purge Results

Companies who have to measure their weld purge results at a distance, may be experiencing unnecessarily excessive waiting periods to […]

Visting Leeden Distribution Pte, Ltd.

During a visit to Leeden Distribution Pte Ltd, HFT® Exclusive Distributors in Singapore by the HFT®, CEO Georgia Gascoyne and […]

Participating the Technishow in Holland

New Distributors for HFT® in Benelux, Pipeq, are following up their amazing successes in their first six months of trading, […]

Influence of Shielding Gases on the Quality of Welds

Although the article is more than 15 years old, I must commend “Influence of Shielding Gases on the Quality of […]