July, 2013

Company Visits

During the last month our technicians have made several customer support visits to leading Distributors and their customers. Customer visits […]

Company gets Registration award

Huntingdon Fusion Techniques® is now a ‘ Brand ‘ Following 38 years of successful and profitable trading, the European Economic […]

Financial Year

End of financial year: June 30 saw the end of the Company’s 38th successive trading year with further continuing growth, […]

Deep Tig Welding

There is a really interesting article in the TPJ journal this month. The title is “Improving GTAW for Producers, Fabricators” […]

Argweld® Weld Backing Tape

Extract of a message from one of our potential customers: ” Ron, I read about that backup tape, and that […]

New Power Point Presentation – Argweld® PurgElite® Inflatable pipe purging systems.

A new Power Point Presentation is available showing the Mark II PurgElite® pipe purging systems with a number of updates […]

Certificate of Registration for Huntingdon Fusion Techniques®

After almost 40 years of successful innovation of new products for weld purging, Huntingdon Fusion Techniques has been awarded a […]

Weld Purge Monitor®

In 1975, Huntingdon Fusion Techniques® (HFT™) was approached by British Nuclear Fuels Limited (BNFL) to provide them with an oxygen […]

Top 10 Best Weld Purging Practices

Weld Purging Techniques are really varied from the very crude to the ingenious. Some are straight forward using products made […]